Franske Alper. Maurienne dalen, Val Cenis

19 - 21.01 2018

Denne workshopen blir årets nyhet. Vår samarbeidsparter er Fred Buttard og hans fjellfører kollegaer i Dalen. Det gjenstår noe før den er spikret. Oppdatering kommer så snart alt er avklart.

Ski & Avalanche Workshop

Val Cenis, January 19th-21th 2018

On Friday and Saturday evening the conditions are discussed and the plans for the next day made.

The preparing of the tours are coached by local mountain guides (Fred Buttard and Victor Charon) and Björn Michaelsen (Ski and Avalanche Instructor, Alta, Norway). On Saturday and Sunday the groups are skiing on their own. The coaches are joining one group each day.

This workshop is not a classic avalanche safety course, it’s a terrain course, and the time we will spend sitting in the classroom will be only to talk about practical issues that have been either observed on the terrain or obtained by varied sources of informations. The more “theoretical” subjects will be discussed with practical examples while touring and skiing.

Since the course is international, the main language will be English.


January 19th 2018

1915 Registration. Workshop-Presentation, get to know each other.

Meeting place coming soon

1930 - 2030 planning of Saturday’s adventures

January 20th 2018

0830 ready to ski

1630 - 1800 Exchange of the days experiences, planning of Sunday’s adventures

January 21st 2018

0830 ready to ski

1700 Afterski and debriefing.


Registration fee : 20€ (not refunded in case you’re canceling)

Workshop package : 240 €

- 2 nights

- Dinner Saturday evening (possibility of booking Friday night as well, +35€)

- Breakfasts on saturday and sunday morning

- The discovery of a new area, enlightening discussions and inputs, a better understanding of snow&mountains, the first step to become a safer skier.

By full payment no later than the 10 th of January you confirm your participation. Please include your cell phone number.

More informations : (in french, english, swedish) (in english, norwegian, swedish)

Nice to know:

• Depending on which lifts you will use, we have discount tickets for sale, from 25 to 30€ / day

•Torino is the closest airport. Geneva works as well. On request we can provide a transportation.

Sign up for the workshop.

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